Cian Ducrot’s “Crocodiles” Will Bring Genuine Tears to Your Eyes

Photo Credit: Jennifer McCord (@jrcmccord)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 26, 2021

If you’re in the mood for some irresistible pop melodies, Cian Ducrot is your guy. As a troubled child, the London-based Irish talent turned to music to distract himself from the abuse he faced growing up. Now that he’s gained plenty of experience in writing and producing, Ducrot is pleased to present his touching new single, “Crocodiles.”

As heartbreaking as it is stunning, “Crocodiles” is a moving ballad that’ll teach you to be there for your friends and loved ones–especially when they need you the most. Layered with swooning guitars and Ducrot’s impeccable vocals, “Crocodiles” undoubtedly belongs on everyone’s playlists. To top it off, the accompanying visual brings genuine tears to our eyes as Ducrot navigates through homelessness as a musician.

On “Crocodiles,” Cian Ducrot reflected,

“‘Crocodiles’ is a song I wrote after I experienced being let down by my closest friends when I needed them the most. Coming to terms with the idea that those you’d do anything for wouldn’t do the same for you hit me extremely hard.”

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