Tai Verdes Catches Baby Fever in “we would have some cute kids.”

Photo Credit: Amy Le (@amyleimage)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 25, 2021

Tai Verdes holds the secret to writing viral songs, which he’d say lies mostly within the catchy lyricism. After amassing millions of TikToks made with his music, Verdes continues to unveil hit after hit, and we’re all about it. For those of you searching for the perfect song to send to your crush, Verdes delivers his radio ready new single, “we would have some cute kids.”

Opening with organic vocals and delicate guitar plucks, “we would have some cute kids.” reels us in without hesitation. As Verdes manifests a life with this special someone, “we would have some cute kids.” has the hopeful charmer rattling off everything his imaginary kids would accomplish. Even if you didn’t already see yourself having kids in the future, Verdes’ inescapable track will certainly have you catching baby fever in no time.

On “we would have some cute kids.,” Tai Verdes shared,

“I’m about to be the Black Cupid. You’re only allowed to send this to someone you have a crush on. I promise you’ll have a mortgage and two dogs by the end of the week.”

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