eli. Recounts a Past Relationship That Sadly Didn’t “Make It”

Photo Credit: Eli Lucas (@imelilucas)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 21, 2020

Genres are dead, and eli. agrees. The West Virginia native produces riveting soundscapes that combine alternative R&B, pop, rock, and acoustic elements. Having experienced major heartbreak, eli. has dedicated much of his discography to past relationships–as he’s doing with another irresistible single, “Make It.”

Although the 21 year old has experienced his fair share of heartbreak, this insufferable agony is exactly why his emotional tracks are so golden. Wavy synths and acoustic guitars are just the beginning of eli.’s versatile sound as he showers us with his mystical vocals. As eli. recounts the throbbing memories of a past love, we’re convinced that he fully understands our post breakup pain.

On “Make It,” eli. shared,

“It’s catchy, it’s bouncy, it has an energy I haven’t been able to capture in previous songs. It’s the same story about the same girl as all of my previous work, but I’m ready to look at the situation with a more lighthearted and mature perspective. I’m nostalgic every time I listen.”

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