[Q&A] HALIE Speaks on the Behalf of Teenagers Everywhere with ‘Good Kids’

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 21, 2020

Who would’ve known that an eighteen year old from Norway would be our latest obsession? HALIE spent the better part of last year creating her edgy debut EP, Good Kids, with love, anger, strength, and confusion in mind. What’s so unique about HALIE is that she crafts indie pop songs with obvious themes but ambiguous narratives so that her audience is encouraged to create a story of their own. 

On Good Kids, HALIE shared,

“The EP in whole is about emotions you can get through your whole life, but I think [are] a little heightened in your teenage years. It is about love, anger, strength, the utter confusion of people with old school vision, and for switching to a better attitude for 2020. You gotta love a teenage brain.”

To celebrate the release of her debut EP, we recently chatted with HALIE about Norwegian artists, high school, and Good Kids.

HH: For someone who isn’t even in her 20’s yet, you have such a maturity that we don’t see often. How would you say this affects your songwriting? 

HALIE: I don’t really know, hehe. I have always been a little bit older in my mind, than my actual age. My siblings are all older than me; the oldest by twelve years, which could maybe have been a factor. Also, I’ve worked in the family business since I could walk, but needed to use my creativity somewhere else. I think since I’ve always loved to read YA books, and always been interested in really good poems it has affected the way I like to express myself. I want people to understand what I’m saying enough to know the theme, but also don’t understand it so they can create their own story. 

HH: Do you have any favorite Norwegian artists?

HALIE: Plenty! My favorites right now are for sure Emilia Nicholas, Highasakite, Askjell, Aurora, Ane Brun, Fay Wildhagen, and Hanne Hukkelberg. Can’t I just say almost everyone? 

HH: As your music career began to take off, you decided to hold off on music for a bit to finish school. Why did you choose to do that instead of going full steam ahead with your music?

HALIE: Well, I wanted to finish school. I’m not really a huge fan of high school, so I didn’t want to re-do it if anything didn’t go the way I wanted it to go. So I thought it would be best just to finish it and then be done with it. 

HH: What’s the meaning behind your new EP title?

HALIE: Every song has its own story, but all of them have a different emotion from a teenage mind. Also, that it is okay to take risks, be a little angry, be in love, have fun, as long as you’re kind to others. You know, your standard Pinterest post. 

HH: Whether you’re encouraging us to embrace our fears or practice honesty with ourselves, your music genuinely speaks to your audience. Why is it important for you to communicate with listeners in a way that resonates with them?

HALIE: Wow. I have never really thought about it that way. I think it is important that people feel included. That people can find themselves in the lyrics, melody, production, or all of them. People should feel the emotions, and I have always loved those videos when they hype you by saying more we or you, then just I or me

HH: What was it like working with Emanuel Abrahamsson on the EP?

HALIE: Emanuel is such an amazing producer. I loved and love how we work together. Both of us get our own ideas in, and it just makes the whole experience and creativity more spectacular. I’ve worked with other great producers on this EP. All of them are people I love, respect, and feel so comfortable speaking my mind with, being in my zone and just getting all of my crazy ideas out. Magnus Skylstad is just amazing. He knows what I want and does it with such grace. Martin Wright Thorsen and Mathias Marstrander are rather new producers, but they are just so talented. They know me so well, and we’ve toured together (because they are in my band), we hang out, and are just really good friends. Perfect team! 

HH: If you could collaborate with anyone in the music industry, who would you pick?

HALIE: Hozier. Definitely. His lyrics, his melodies, his productions are just a wonder. However, when I think about it, it is a little harder to choose. I really want to learn from Bon Iver, Novo Amor, Yebba, Hozier, and a thousand other artists. Still, if I had to choose only one, it would definitely be Hozier. His music is magic!

HH: What are your three hidden hits?

HALIE: “Only” by RY X – that is just a beautiful piece of art. “Django” by Samia – such a raw sad song. “If I Ruled The World” by MILCK – this is pure love. My favorite so far. 

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