Cian Ducrot’s “Hello Gorgeous” Is an Ode to Resilient Women

Photo Credit: Ollo Weguelin (@olloweg)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 5, 2021

All Cian Ducrot needs to feel productive is his laptop and guitar because music is his entire life. Raised in Cork and based in London, Ducrot pens touching pop ballads with the intention of giving listeners an opportunity to breathe. Back with another heartfelt tune, Ducrot has unveiled his soul-stirring new single, “Hello Gorgeous.”

It’s almost as if Ducrot’s superpower is to get us emotional with every release because that always seems to be the case. Dedicated to the resilient women in his life, “Hello Gorgeous” is Ducrot’s way of alleviating at least some level of their pain. Throughout the entire track, we’re taken on a sonic journey of uplifting highs and traumatic lows.

On “Hello Gorgeous,” Cian Ducrot explained,

“‘Hello Gorgeous’ is a song I wrote for all the amazing women in my life who have sadly suffered at the hands of shitty men. It’s a song that I hope can help someone somewhere who is suffering or who has suffered and can help them get out of that place and show them they don’t need to stay and continue to be in pain.”

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