iamkyami Begs Us to Be Kinder to Each Other in “Stars”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 5, 2021

As a half-Japanese, half-Black American who identifies as queer, iamkyami has always been proud of exactly who they are. Simply using music as another way to express themself, this Manchester-based delight has become a master at crafting R&B-tinged righteousness. To introduce you to iamkyami, please do yourself a favor and roll your shoulders along to their lucious new single, “Stars.”

On “Stars,” iamkyami reflected,

“The song is essentially about society, and how we treat others because of exterior variables that affect what boxes other people put us in. Variables such as socioeconomic status, race, and sexuality; when in reality, we’re all just humans that need to be treated with love and respect.”

“Stars” is decorated with delicate R&B charms and the utmost positivity that’s straight up contagious. Urging people to treat each other with love and respect, iamkyami unknowingly proves how mature they are with their wordly message in “Stars.” Needless to say, “Stars” is an utterly precious track that deserves your attention.

“‘Stars’ is about having enough of peoples’ negativity towards each other but still taking that negative narrative and flipping it into a positive one. We’re only human and so minuscule in the big picture of the universe… there’s no reason to be mean and nasty to others.”

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