RIP Youth and Bombs Away Fuse Together EDM and Pop in Electrifying “You Love”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 30, 2020

Australians have been previously underrepresented in the mainstream music community, but that’s all about to change with RIP Youth and Bombs Away breaking boundaries. As DJs and producers seem to be collaborating more now than ever before, these two otherworldly acts are fusing together EDM and pop to create something much greater. Featuring Reigan’s captivating vocals, “You Love” marks the beginning of a new era for RIP Youth.

On “You Love,” RIP Youth shared, 

“I hope this song represents the present mindedness that we all possess and reminds us of our similarities. The lies we all tell ourselves that can easily distract us from that present level of awareness, most of what we strive for or are unsatisfied with in our lives will need a shift in perspective to choose love. We recently started to feel the burn of the recent unprecedented times upon us, uncertainty and fear, as everyone is. This just had to be the perfect time for us to spread the love and truth of how similar we all are.”

Written about self-awareness, “You Love” has us examining the surrounding world as we’re all faced with stress and fear from the current pandemic. Stellar synths and booming electronics may dominate this feel good track, but it’d be remiss to not mention Reigan’s stunning vocals. Whether you’re an EDM or pop fan, we assure you that “You Love” won’t disappoint your precious eardrums. 

Reigan added,

“The story behind this collaboration is almost as pure as the song itself. Once the lyrics for ‘You Love’ began to swirl, we realized we were tapping into something beautiful. It felt genuine. We spoke about living in the now, feeling the preciousness of time.”

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