Bryce Drew Teaches Us to “Love Life” Regardless of Our Relationship Status

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 29, 2020

Just like the last time we covered Bryce Drew, the Florida songstress is once again leaving us entirely mesmerized. A 24-year-old mature well beyond her years, Drew is easily one of the most established songwriters we’ve been fortunate enough to discover. Staying true to her confident and independent self, Drew has delivered a stunning new anthem, “Love Life.”

On “Love Life,” Bryce Drew elaborated,

“Everyone who knows me will tell you that this song is my mantra. My last release, ‘21,’ shared that I’ve been single for a very long time. ‘Love Life’ is me saying, well, hold up— don’t go thinking I’m just here waiting around. It’s my treat yourself, love yourself, pick-me-up anthem.”  

Spreading your entire body across a queen-size bed and devouring every bite of a fancy dinner are just two advantages of single life that Drew lists in “Love Life.” Fully recognizing her self worth without needing a romantic partner, Drew enchants us with her lovely vocals paired with gorgeous acoustics. Even if you’re not currently single, Drew will truly leave you speechless with “Love Life.”

“It feels very timely that this would release right now when many of us are at home in solitude and searching for positivity. I hope it reminds whoever is listening to not let the current circumstance keep them from finding joy… Buy your own flowers, make the nicest dinner, and light all the candles! Laugh at yourself while you’re at it. That’s what I’ll be doing.”  

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