Christian Sparacio Spoils Us with the Spellbinding “Cold”

Photo Credit: David Ross Lawn (@davidrosslawn)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 11, 2020

After 16 years of football, Christian Sparacio was caught between his love of the sport and his undying passion for music. Fortunately for us, Sparacio decided to pursue the latter and we couldn’t be more grateful for this genre-bending mastermind. If you’re an avid fan of alt-J and Hozier, do yourself a favor and check out Christian Sparacio immediately.

His intoxicating new single, “Cold” has us desperately craving Sparacio’s warm touch as he casts a mystical spell on us with his delectable production work. Between the dreamy saxophone and haunting keys, we can’t fathom how Sparacio could be so evil to spoil us like this. If you aren’t completely mesmerized by the end of “Cold,” you must not be human…

On “Cold,” Christian Sparacio shared,

“The bitter Maine winter left me alone with my thoughts. Looking at oneself in such detail is terrifying, and the only way out is to come to terms with who you are up to this point, and to move forward.”

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