[Q&A] Elle Winter Empowers Us with ‘Yeah, No.’

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 11, 2020

Although we already have amazing female artists like Billie Eilish and Lizzo making major moves in the music industry, we still need more. In struts Elle Winter, a New York City native who isn’t afraid to turn heads with her explosive pop melodies. Her captivating new EP, Yeah, No. is everything we could’ve asked for and it’ll surely leave you feeling empowered like no other.

On Yeah, No., Elle Winter shared,

“My journey as a songwriter started many years ago. I am so excited to release songs that tell my own stories in a vulnerable and honest way. I want people to know that they’re not alone in whatever they’re experiencing. If they can relate and feel a sense of community–I’m with them. We can enjoy it together.”

To celebrate the release of her new EP, we recently chatted with Elle Winter about co-writing, mic drops, and of course, Yeah, No.

HH: You’ve performed at Jingle Ball All Access Lounge, toured across the country, and had your music featured in films all before turning 21. Did you ever expect to become this successful in your music career? 

EW: Thank you so much! Music is what I have always wanted to do — it’s really in my blood and what I have always dreamed of — and I am truly so grateful that I am able to pursue it as a career!

HH: Whereas plenty of musicians don’t write their own lyrics, you co-write all of your discography. Do you find that this method really brings the best results for yourself? 

EW: Yes, It is very important to me that my songs tell my own stories and are reflections on my own experiences. Growing up, when I listened to artists open their hearts through their music it made me feel a sense of solidarity and I was able to connect with them. I want people who listen to my music to have a similar experience; I want them to be able to connect with me and feel less alone in what they are going through. 

HH: How does it feel to finally have Yeah, No. out in the world? 

EW: It is beyond exciting! Yeah, No. is one of my favorites because of its message of empowerment and the strength it exudes. I had been performing it unreleased for a few months, and I am taken aback by how many people connected to its message and would come up to me after shows and tell me how it struck a chord with them. I am hoping people who feel similarly will be able to connect to it now that it is finally out.

HH: Can you describe your creative process for the EP? 

EW: I wrote each song from my own experiences and went into sessions with ideas or concepts I had already written down as I went throughout the day, or I would come to the session and feel inspired by the vibe we were creating in the room and would start working on new concepts in real time.

HH: You’ve shared that the title track is meant to be a mic drop moment, and we totally agree. Why is female empowerment so important to you?

EW: I have grown up super close with strong women in my life, like my mom and my sister and they inspire me every day. I am lucky to have them as strong role models and I feel that their influence has really shaped my ability to put myself out there and have the confidence to pursue a tough career. I want my music to exude strength and power so people listening recognize the voice and agency we have as women and feel emboldened and inspired as I did growing up. 

HH: How would you say being a young woman in the music industry has affected your career? 

EW: I have definitely noticed different expectations from me as a woman, but I have been lucky enough to have a wonderful team that supports me and respects my voice and opinions and have let me forge my own path. 

HH: If you could headline a show anywhere in the world, where would you pick? 

EW: I would love to headline Coachella one day!

HH: What are your three hidden hits? 

EW: I love “Glitter” from BENEE, “Relationship” by Anthony Ramos, and “I’m Good” from Glowie.

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