Society Is Pretty Much a “Jungle” to Millie Turner

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // March 9, 2020

For someone who’s so young, it’s astonishing that Millie Turner has such a mature perspective on the convoluted world. The Londoner has been releasing infectious music since 2017, but only recently did we discover this charming songstress, and we’ll admit we’re late to the party. As her first official release in the new decade, Turner has unveiled the unforgettable “Jungle.”

On “Jungle,” Millie Turner explained,

“It’s a metaphor for my life in the city, or where I feel in the world, or even within society itself. It’s a place where I become entangled in the drama and wildness, which can be both beautiful and scenic, like the incredible wildlife and scenes you find in a jungle. But despite the jungle’s ethereal beauty, it’s colluded with dangers that you become entrapped and caught in, which I guess [is] what life can do.”

Serving as a reminder to herself of the insane challenges life throws our way, “Jungle” has Turner comparing our everyday surroundings to treacherous jungles. Although the lively instrumentals are absolutely enchanting, we’d be doing a disservice if we didn’t praise Turner’s enrapturing vocals. This intensity we feel in “Jungle” is directly translated into the vivacious music video, which shows Turner immersed with bits of nature throughout. 

“This song is a reminder to myself of the animalistic craziness in power structures within society, and the challenges life lures us into, and how to embrace and empower myself within that system.”

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