Positivity Is Contagious for Shawn Mathews in “Sunshine”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // February 3, 2021

Based in Pennsylvania, Shawn Mathews is impressing us, yet again, with more R&B-infused indie pop righteousness. Although he may only be 20, this incredible talent clearly has his head screwed on right because thousands of listeners worldwide have been absolutely loving his music. Jumping into 2021 with nothing but good vibes, Mathews delivers his optimistic new single, “Sunshine.”

With “Sunshine,” Mathews proves that positivity is downright contagious, and it’s something we all need more of as we leave 2020 behind. Between the charming bass lines and catchy lyricism, “Sunshine” is more than certain to be stuck in our heads for the foreseeable future. Literally shot underneath the Sun, the “Sunshine” visual has Mathews sporting an infectious smile in his signature colorful sweatshirts.

On “Sunshine,” Shawn Mathews reflected,

“I feel like 2020 was a pretty long and depressing year for most people, myself included. But as the fall semester was ending and the new year was approaching, I tried to make an effort to do whatever I could to make the most out of 2021. Even though it was little things like keeping a consistent schedule, working out, or making sure I’m spending quality time with those I love; these little things all add up. As a result, through this first month of the new year, I feel way better than last year and feel hopeful that this year overall will be way better.”

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