[Q&A] morgen’s Debut EP ‘Unaccompanied Minor’ Is Basically a Self-Therapy Session

Photo Credit: Aidan Schechter (@aidan.global)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // December 3, 2021

Being an overwhelmed and confused teenager is something morgen is all too familiar with. The 17-year-old rising bedroom pop newcomer has been collecting her original songs for quite some time, but now she’s giving us a taste of her flawless indie sensibilities. Whether you’re dealing with angst or loneliness, morgen will tend to your emotional wounds by way of her larger-than-life debut EP, Unaccompanied Minor.

On Unaccompanied Minor, morgen reflected,

“This EP to me is honestly just a six song self-therapy session that covers my life, ages 15 to 17, over these past two crazy years. Most artists consider their work to be like a child, or something they gave birth to but ‘Unaccompanied Minor’ couldn’t be further from that. Of course, I love this EP, but I don’t feel like I own it. If anything, I owe the EP for every hour I spent crying on my floor writing songs instead of paying to go to therapy. I used ‘Unaccompanied Minor’ to help me grow through isolation, sexuality, relationships, trauma, and all that teenage BS. It created the person I am today… who is far from perfect, but closer to who I want to be.”

To celebrate the release of her new music, we recently chatted with morgen about sweet sixteens, teenage angst, and of course, Unaccompanied Minor.

HH: What made you decide that 2021 was the year you’d start releasing music?

M: Honestly because of the pandemic and the amount of material I had from that experience. Also it just seemed right… everything was kind of falling in line. 

HH: Unaccompanied Minor revolves around isolation, sexuality, relationships, and teenage trauma. How did creating this EP help you through your troubles?

M: It honestly just gave me a safe space to vent. I didn’t have a therapist at the time and didn’t feel like I had anyone to talk to so I kind of just wrote everything down; it helped me work through what I was feeling, which was a lot, and put reason behind the utter chaos in my mind. 

HH: We love that you’ve described Unaccompanied Minor as a “fifteen-minute musical rant,” because isn’t that really what projects are? Do you think the duration of this EP is enough for us to understand who you are as an artist?

M: I don’t know, because that’s constantly changing. That sounds like such an artist thing to say, “I’m just constantly evolving,” but it’s true. I think people will get a gist of who I am as an artist, but I’m definitely still developing my sound and project. 

HH: “Sweet 16” captures exactly how plenty of teenagers have felt about birthdays — especially with the current pandemic. If you could turn back time and plan your 16th birthday exactly how you’d want it, what would that look like?

M: Okay so this is actually really funny cause I wrote “Sweet 16” the day before my birthday and to be completely honest, it’s the best birthday I’ve had to date… which is hilarious. It was by no means huge, but my parents put together a little video of all my friends wishing me a happy birthday and it was so beautiful… I don’t think I would change it, haha, my 16th was pretty dope.  

HH: Fantastic singles like “3D” and “Odd One Out” already had us sold on you. Can you share what inspires your bedroom pop sound?

M: I think a lot of the new artists inspired me, like Remi Wolf and Still Woozy are huge inspirations. The way that Remi unapologetically writes lyrics really had an impact on me over the past year. I started writing the way I felt and not what I thought people would deem “poetically pleasing.”

HH: What’s one piece of advice you’d give teenagers who feel like they’re total failures?

M: First off – same. Second – you are not a failure. Period. You’re not. I have to remind myself of this all the time because it may seem like you have all the pressure in the world to figure out who you are and what you want to do with the rest of your life right now, but that’s so not true. You have your whole life to figure shit out, and honestly it’s more important that you take your time to truly understand yourself and what makes you happy rather than rush into life and then get caught up in the motions. The world is moving at hyper speed; it’s okay to slow down and take detours, even if they’re not what our society considers “productive,” they’re still experiences and those are valuable in creating who you are.  

HH: If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would you pick?

M: New York and Italy, because I love New York and Italy is just a vibe. 

HH: What are your three hidden hits?

M: “Lemons” (the whole album) – Nick Leng
“Perfect Playlist” – Ellie Williams
“Highway 83” – Kylie Spence

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Dylan Sets Standards for Herself with “You’re Not Harry Styles”

Photo Credit: Dave East (@daveast)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // December 3, 2021

Like most of us, Dylan thoroughly enjoys blasting music so loudly to the point that it may be damaging to our ears. But where she differs is her innate ability to craft indie pop bangers that’ll leave you absolutely speechless. Now that she realized how imperative it is that the world hears this, Dylan has unleashed her bold new single, “You’re Not Harry Styles.”

If anyone’s ever made you feel less than what you know you’re worth, please send them “You’re Not Harry Styles.” An ode to the former One Direction stunner, “You’re Not Harry Styles” has Dylan setting standards and reclaiming her self-worth. To top it off, the energetic music video shows us exactly what it’ll be like to finally see Dylan perform in person.

On “You’re Not Harry Styles,” Dylan shared,

“‘You’re Not Harry Styles’ is a comeback song I wrote after being messed around by someone. It’s my way of describing that moment of realization when it clicks that someone isn’t worth the frustration and hurt they’re causing you… Especially when they’re not of the standard that Harry Styles has set. Writing this song gave me the empowerment to get back my self-worth.”

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Alix Page Catches Feelings Again with “Radiohead”

Photo Credit: Dillon Matthew (@dillonmatthewc)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // December 3, 2021

Alix Page very much embodies the girl-next-door character, but beyond that, she’s like an unlicensed therapist who manages to solve our problems with her touching lyricism. Wise beyond her years, the 19-year-old from Southern California will make you feel understood without even knowing anything about you. Inspired by a fever dream, Page wows us again with her beautifully delicate new single, “Radiohead.”

Whether you’re reminiscing about the past or imagining what could’ve been in an alternate dimension, “Radiohead” will ignite something deep in your soul. It’d be remiss to not acknowledge the overwhelmingly stunning strings arrangement in “Radiohead,” but equally noteworthy is Page’s impeccable pitch. The accompanying video offers an intimate performance of “Radiohead” that ends with Page smashing her acoustic guitar in frustration.

On “Radiohead,” Alix Page reflected,

“‘[Radiohead]’ is proof that you can be completely over someone and then have a dream about them and fall right back into feelings you didn’t know you still had. Around this time last year, I had a dream about me and an ex moving into an apartment and painting it together. We hadn’t spoken in months and I genuinely hadn’t thought about it in a while but it felt SO scarily real. I woke up flustered and heard the whole thing in my head before I even got out of bed; I wrote the first verse and chorus right away.”

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EMELINE Reveals Society’s Faults in “what it means to be a girl”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // December 3, 2021

EMELINE is undoubtedly one of our favorite discoveries of 2021, and she’s nowhere near done impressing us. Establishing herself as an artist who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, EMELINE often writes about feminism and sex positivity. Now 22 years old, the Rhode Island native continues to stun us with her fierce new single, “what it means to be single.”

Although “what it means to be a girl” has a painfully dark message, EMELINE’s tongue-in-cheek lyricism may convince you otherwise. Between the eerie backing vocals and chilling synths, “what it means to be a girl” is exactly what we’ve been itching for from EMELINE. Considering how dynamic her range is, we’re itching to know what EMELINE has prepared for us in the coming year.

 On “what it means to be a girl,” EMELINE shared,

“I wanted a place to put my frustrations about how women have been conditioned behaviorally in order to protect themselves from danger, and the inevitable fears that they run into while living their lives, while being very tongue and cheek about it all. I love having contrasting tones sonically and wanted to sprinkle some uncomfortable irony to drive the point home.”

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Amethyst Spoils Us with Soulful R&B in “Up All Night”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // December 3, 2021

Born and raised in Chichester, Amethyst has been singing for as long as she can remember. Having taught herself multiple instruments, it comes at no surprise that Amethyst has become quite the musical talent. Back with her second release to date, Amethyst has unveiled her stunning new single, “Up All Night.”

On “Up All Night,” Amethyst revealed,

“This song wasn’t actually intended for me. I originally wrote this to a brief for another artist while at university. As soon as me and Strama finished the track, we realized it would suit me better as an artist so I decided to keep hold of it and I think I definitely made the right choice.”

Delivering buttery smooth vocals, Amethyst really gives it her all in “Up All Night.” Not only is this slick track layered with stellar R&B production, but it’s also incredibly singable and memorable. If you’ve been searching for a new R&B/soul artist to gush over, Amethyst is wholeheartedly for you.

“I know many people will have been through this storyline and will connect with the song. For me that’s what makes it so special, because in my head I can just imagine people blasting this song on their speakers and going crazy and I love that.”

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Raye Robinson Gives Us Butterflies with “Star Talk”

Photo Credit: Jade Sadler (@jadesdlr)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // December 3, 2021

Based in Los Angeles, Raye Robinson creates the most precious melodies you wouldn’t believe. Although Robinson has plenty of experience performing in bands, these isolating times have pushed her to explore what a solo career would look like. Ahead of her forthcoming EP, Crushes & Love Songs, Robinson is pleased to present her wholesome new single, “Star Talk.”

Penned about the earliest days of a relationship, “Star Talk” really is a sonic daydream composed of charming ukuleles and darling vocals. Produced by Rob Auerbach, “Star Talk” offers a more laid back side of Robinson’s alternative pop, which is absolutely delightful. If any of you are in relationships that have become a bit stale, “Star Talk” will remind you of the butterflies you used to feel, and hopefully get your heart fluttering again.

On “Star Talk,” Raye Robinson shared,

“That phase where you’re both obsessed with each other and nothing else matters except being with them, so you stay up all night talking about stupid things just to talk. It’s one of my favorite times in a relationship. I love getting to know someone, hearing them talk about their passions, reading their astrological chart for the first time, and showing each other your favorite artists. It feels like you could just live that night forever– talking about the stars and the universe and how small we are.”

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AVIV Navigates Messy Breakups with “Failed English”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // December 3, 2021

At just 15 years old, AVIV has become one of our favorite DIY pop artists, and for good reason. With a tendency to overanalyze her emotions, AVIV channels all of her creativity into her deeply introspective songwriting. AVIV certainly has an insanely bright future ahead of her, and it’s about time you familiarize yourself with her by way of her charming new single, “Failed English.”

Decorated with wholesome tambourines and terrific bass grooves, “Failed English” is a perfect example of what you can expect from AVIV. Lyrically, this coming-of-age cut revolves around what it’s like to love and hate an ex with a passion. The accompanying visual takes place in a school yard with AVIV and her friends glaring at the camera lens as if it’s her despicable ex.  

On “Failed English,” AVIV explained,

“[‘Failed English’] explores the somewhat nasty feelings which erupted following a breakup and demonization of the individual who broke up with you as a defense mechanism. ‘Failed English’ highlights [the] incongruity of the narrative–detesting your ex while missing them.”

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Alexa Cappelli Protects Herself From Heartbreak in “Whiplash”

Photo Credit: Adam Quinn (@admquinn)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 19, 2021

Los Angeles songstress Alexa Cappelli has always been considerably musically driven, but it was after high school that she really thought about pursuing music more seriously. The 22-year-old fully believes music is meant to make people feel connected to each other, which is exactly what she strives to do in her music making process. Without further ado, Cappelli continues to impress the pop community with her resolute new single, “Whiplash.”

Jumping into relationships can be incredibly intimidating, but Cappelli has discovered the perfect security blanket for herself, which she shares with us in “Whiplash.” Instrumentally, “Whiplash” is layered with lovely acoustic guitars and pulsating beats that have us begging for more. To top it off, the accompanying video has Cappelli running off with her girlfriends when she’s had too much of a guy.

On “Whiplash,” Alexa Cappelli reflected,

“Relationships are so special and I’ve noticed that in my attempts to keep the peace when talking to someone new, I end up trying to create a security blanket through disclaimers. It is partly an unnecessary safety mechanism I’ve developed, because it’s a given that not everything in life works out. I’m still learning that real love is found in taking that risk.”

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Ida Laurberg Takes Us on an Exhilarating Journey in “Singing Mars A Lullaby”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 19, 2021

We’ve come across plenty of insanely gifted artists this year, but Ida Laurberg may be our favorite discovery of 2021. A 20-year-old Danish with boundless ambition and innate talent, Laurberg writes her own material and it’s always out of this world. If you’re up for a musical journey of a lifetime, Laurberg invites you onto her rocket ship by way of her sensational new single, “Singing Mars A Lullaby.”

On “Singing Mars A Lullaby,” Ida Laurberg shared,

“On my latest single ‘Personal Letters,’ I started working with a more 00’s pop/rock/punk sound than what I’ve done before. This was how ‘Singing Mars A Lullaby’ came to life. I usually write about personal experiences such as heartbreaks, bad friendships, and stuff like that. Now I felt like writing about something larger than that from the outside world, but which still affects me somehow.”

“Singing Mars A Lullaby” is jaw-dropping, thrilling, and tenacious unlike anything you’ve heard before – especially coming from Laurberg. Even if the dramatic chords aren’t enough to capture your attention, you’ll undoubtedly be blown away by the exhilarating riffs just past the halfway mark. Lyrically, Laurberg uses “Singing Mars A Lullaby” to ridicule the extremely wealthy for paying millions of dollars to visit space instead of helping our planet.

“‘Singing Mars a Lullaby’ is about billionaires’ strange wishes of traveling into space instead of spending their enormous amount of assets on helping our world. About how it shouldn’t be possible to possess that amount of money. And mostly, it’s about how these types of people are probably going to end up feeling pretty lonely at some point.”

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Jayde Spills Her Heart on the Page with “i’d still die for u” 

Photo Credit: Taylor Mosher (@taylor.mosherr)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 19, 2021

Coming a long way since the teen singing competitions she dominated years ago, Jayde is now a 22-year-old with plenty of life experiences to transfer to paper. Jayde’s effervescent pop sensibilities remind us of an empty house after a chaotic rager, which is exactly what we’re looking for. After gushing over her for so long, we highly recommend you sniffle along to Jayde’s emotional new single, “i’d still die for u.”

What we’d describe as raw and unfiltered, “i’d still die for u” is a stunning offering that really spotlights Jayde’s untouchable vocals. This heart wrenching ballad accurately represents how much love Jayde has to give and how massive her heart is – even to those who’ve hurt her. Adding a visual component, the “i’d still die for u” video was shot on a Panasonic camcorder and perfectly captures the aftermath of a breakup. 

On “i’d still die for u,” Jayde explained,

“‘i’d still die for u’ is a song about the emotional turmoil that comes along with a breakup. When you leave any sort of relationship, the love and compassion doesn’t typically disappear, at least for me it doesn’t. This song is a really beautiful conversation about how despite needing to give up on the relationship, you will always hold love for that person.”

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