Jada Klein – “Waste” | The Hidden Hits: Stripped Down

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 9, 2021

Born and raised in Abbotsford, Jada Klein has always been incredibly intrigued by music, and we’re so grateful she decided to take it on herself. Whether it’s because of her soothing R&B melodies or intensely personal songwriting, we’re completely hooked on this Canadian talent.

Taken off last year’s stunning debut EP, Always, Forever, “Waste” is an eclectic and electronic cut that hears Klein’s experimental tendencies. As Klein recollects what it’s like to be hopelessly in love with someone, “Waste” reels us in by way of its stellar guitars and stirring beats.

Our favorite hidden hit makers have undoubtedly impressed us time and time again, but we’re taking it to the next level… by taking it down a notch. We’re showing you just how insanely gifted these rising artists really are with stripped down performances of their hidden hits, which means no fancy studios or professional cameras.

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LØLØ Warns Potential Lovers to Proceed with Caution in “death wish”

Photo Credit: Justin Alexis (@justinkalexis)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 9, 2021

You heard it here first… LØLØ is an emerging artist you need to keep your eyes on this year. With a newfound alternative rock sound, this Toronto native is letting her true colors shine through gritty guitars and booming percussion. Without further ado, we invite you to headbang along to LØLØ’s edgy new single, “death wish.”

On “death wish,” LØLØ reflected,

“I was five years old when I accidentally killed Goldy, my first (of many) goldfish. I remember being absolutely heartbroken, knowing that it was MY FAULT that my new friend was gone forever. Ever since then, I’ve noticed quite an unfortunate pattern in my life. When I was a kid, it was goldfish, but now that I’m all ‘grown up,’ my knack for killing things has escalated to relationships. Every time I start to feel like I might be in love, it always ends up just like Goldy – in the toilet.”

Evoking the best of pop punk, “death wish” gets us hyped for what’s to come next from LØLØ. While she exposes her self-sabotaging habits, “death wish” has LØLØ warning potential lovers to proceed with caution. To top it off, the accompanying visual offers an electric, rock ‘n’ roll performance of “death wish,” and we even get to see a replica of the goldfish that inspired this fantastic cut.

“I used to always think it was the guy’s fault, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I might actually be the one to blame, thanks to my impeccable ability to self-sabotage. So believe it or not, in my own twisted way, ‘death wish’ is actually a love song — but with a very clear disclaimer: LOVE ME AT YOUR OWN RISK.”

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Poutyface Recounts the Most Embarrassing Night of Her Life in “NEVER FUCKIN KNOW”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 9, 2021

Poutyface is no stranger to producing stellar hyperpop bangers, but now she’s on a whole nother level. Fully in her own music space, this 19-year-old from San Diego refuses to be boxed into one category in all areas of life. Now ready to sound off all the alarms, Poutyface has unleashed her electrifying new single, “NEVER FUCKIN KNOW.”

Opening with enticing guitar plucks, “NEVER FUCKIN KNOW” introduces us to the alternative rock side of Poutyface that we’re already hooked on. As Poutyface recounts the most embarrassing night of her life, “NEVER FUCKIN KNOW” assures us that plenty of people have puked in someone else’s bed at some point. If you’re someone who tends to live life on the edge, “NEVER FUCKIN KNOW” is the perfect soundtrack of your life.

On “NEVER FUCKIN KNOW,” Poutyface shared, 

“The following is a 100% true story. Candace, if you see this – I’m sorry I puked in your bed on your birthday.”

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[PREMIERE + Q&A] Sam MacPherson’s “Last Minute” Is the Perfect Breakup Song

Photo Credit: Maxwell Golderg (@maxwell_goldberg)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 9, 2021

Whether you’re happily single or in a committed relationship, Sam MacPherson is the heartbreaker who can’t seem to stop making us fall head over heels instantly. Considering his musical upbringing, it’s no surprise that MacPherson is cementing himself as the best new artist of 2021. Without further ado, prepare to absolutely lose your mind by MacPherson’s irresistible new single, “Last Minute.”

Between the nostalgic slide guitars and electrifying keys, “Last Minute” is an unbelievably charming cut that’ll sweep you off your feet in no time. It’s almost as if MacPherson has mastered the technique behind crafting the perfect breakup song, which is exactly what “Last Minute” is. By the end of this stunning track, we can’t help but swoon over MacPherson’s utterly charming vocals.

On “Last Minute,” Sam MacPherson exclusively shared with us,

“‘Last Minute’ narrates a romance between two people that unfolds just as their time living on the same coast, ends.”

The Hidden Hits has your first listen of “Last Minute” below:

To celebrate the release of his new music, we recently chatted with Sam MacPherson about 

HH: Considering the fact that you grew up in a musical household, could you ever see yourself not pursuing music?

SM: Weirdly enough, at one point I was in college playing Division 1 soccer and studying nursing. Obviously, both of those things are working out well for me now. 

HH: Your vocals are OUT OF THIS WORLD. How did you develop your vocal tone? What’s your vocal routine?

SM: Thank you! I spent a lot of time in sound dampening music rooms in college just singing really loud and sounding really bad. I think that’s good for anyone who’s learning how to sing. I always think about how important it was for me to have the luxury of testing my own limits without the fear of someone hearing me. My vocal routine is singing “Songs in the Key of Life” front to back three to four times. 

HH: “Last Minute” revolves around a romance that comes to a steady stop as two people drift apart from each other. Was this inspired by your personal experience? What was it like to recall the events that led to this track?

SM: It was definitely a personal experience. Writing about a moment like that was so fun because it was almost happening in real-time. I wasn’t reaching too far into the past to find emotions to draw from… it was more like, ‘Hey, this happened last week.’

HH: Long distance relationships may not be successful for some people, but others are able to make it work–regardless of the physical distance. What’s your advice for those who are currently struggling in their long distance relationships?

SM: I think any relationship has a lot to do with energy economics and asking yourself and the other person, “How much are you willing to put into this?” Long distance relationships are no different. They’re more emotionally taxing naturally, but I think that you can make anything work. It just takes genuine energy. 

HH: Between the teeth clenching percussion and irresistible bass lines, “Last Minute” is everything we could’ve asked for. Do you think this stunning cut will become a fan favorite?

SM: It’s been mind blowing to see so many people on social media react to little clips of the song months and months before it was out. I think it’s got a good shot! Also, thank you. I’m so stoked you like it! 

HH: What’s the craziest thing someone has texted you on your public phone number?

SM: Maybe a boring answer but honestly, everyone who’s reached out has been absolutely nothing but kind and generous with their messages. It’s been so nice to be able to directly thank people who are constantly supporting me. It’s very cool.

HH: If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would you pick? Who would be your openers?

SM: Madison Square Garden. No openers; I’d get right to the point and have all my friends come out and play a superset with me. 

HH: What are your hidden hits?

SM: “Everything to Everyone” – Ben Kessler 
“My Only Mistake” – ELLIANA 
“We Made it.” – David Hugo 

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Gatlin Second Guesses Romance in “What If I Love You”

Photo Credit: Hannah Gray Hall (@thegrayhall)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 8, 2021

From relocating to Los Angeles to planning the unveiling of her highly anticipated sophomore EP, Gatlin will certainly have an eventful 2021. A natural storyteller at heart, Gatlin studied songwriting in university, but she ultimately decided to take a leap and pursue the art full-time. For all of you indie pop lovers out there, Gatlin is spoiling you with her ethereal new single, “What If I Love You.”

On “What If I Love You,” Gatlin shared, 

“I wrote this song about a situation where I felt like I had found my ‘once in a lifetime’ love, but they didn’t feel that way about me. I wanted the production to feel more uplifting pop because even in the situation I was trying to always stay positive to mask the feeling of being rejected.”

Any hopeless romantic would argue that “What If I Love You” is an impeccable cut that cements Gatlin as a must-listen artist. “What If I Love” incorporates dazzling synths and confessional lyricism, which is exactly what we’re so obsessed with. Shot in Joshua Tree, the accompanying visual offers a carefree escape into Gatlin’s world of summer romance and better days.

“I did the ‘What If I Love You’ music video with Luke Harvey of Mossflower Productions. It had been a dream of mine to shoot at Joshua Tree since making the move to Los Angeles in the beginning of 2021. I wanted the visuals to feel like a fun escape to match the production and lyrics of the track. We shot using four different camera styles (35mm, 16mm, Super 8, and vintage TV) and then combined them all in a sort of ‘montage’ final video.”

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renforshort Wants to Be Loved Deeply and Intensely in “exception”

Photo Credit: Steph Verschuren (@stephverschuren)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 8, 2021

renforshort has been having a fantastic 2021 so far, and it’s only getting better from here. The 18-year-old darling lets her creativity flow like a never ending river, with a range that varies between indie pop and alternative rock. Before she unveils her forthcoming sophomore EP, off saint dominique, renforshort is teasing us with a charming new single, “exception.”

Showcasing renforshort’s impeccable vocals we’re completely obsessed with, “exception” has the rising artist seeking to be loved deeply and intensely. Between the romantic strings arrangement and cinematic acoustics, “exception” offers the very best of renforshort’s dynamic tendencies. The accompanying visual is set in a nearly empty diner with renforshort imagining a loving couple sharing a cozy meal, suggesting that she longs for this very connection with someone else.

On “exception,” renforshort shared,

“‘exception’ out now, second single of the EP. Wrote this with the homies Jeff Hazin, David Charles Fischer, and Geoff Warburton. I love you all!! To my tenth grade teacher – if you hear this song, you didn’t.”

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Wallice’s “Hey Michael” Revolves Around Gaslighting in Relationships

Photo Credit: Jerry Maestas (@jerrymaestas)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 7, 2021

Equal parts nostalgic and edgy, Wallice’s growing discography makes us wish we were in an underground rock band with her. The 23-year-old Californian only has a few singles under her belt, but trust us when we say each one packs a hefty punch. Ahead of her forthcoming EP, Wallice teases us with her fiery new single, “Hey Michael.”

On “Hey Michael,” Wallice shared,

“‘Hey Michael’ is a revenge anthem for anyone who has encountered a gaslighting, manipulative person. It’s what I wish I would have said to all the ‘Michael’s’ I have met in my life. It can be substituted by many names; we all know or have met a ‘Michael’ though. Somehow the world revolves around them and they just can’t catch a break, because they never do anything wrong and it’s usually your fault. You should have listened to your gut instinct and swiped left on this Michael.”

Revolving around gaslighting in relationships, “Hey Michael” has Wallice calling out manipulators on all of our behalf. Featuring marinelli’s gliding vocals, “Hey Michael” is layered with anthemic choruses and jaunty percussion. To top it off, the accompanying visual follows Wallice as she sifts through various ‘Michaels’ at a never ending house party. 

“This isn’t a man-hating song, it’s just something many people can relate to. Sometimes it’s embarrassing to admit just how bad a friend, date, or romantic partner was and a lot of the time, I would just smile and laugh off stupid remarks but when I think back, I wish I had told them off.  But at the same time, my persona in the song is not the best person either. I literally say, ‘I think I want to start a fight, which one is your girlfriend?’ The whole song is funny because I am so focused on how shitty Michael is that I don’t even think about how shitty I might be as well.”

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SEB Disguises His Darkest Truths in “Coney Island”

Photo Credit: Shy Louise

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 7, 2021

SEB may have only made his stunning debut last year, but he’s come such a long way since then. The Los Angeles-based bedroom pop newcomer seeks inspiration from boundary-breaking greats that came before his time, but it’s safe to say SEB will become an icon for future generations. As he continues to prove how valuable he is to the indie pop world, SEB delivers his hypnotic new single, “Coney Island.”

Beneath the hazy melodies and oozing guitars, “Coney Island” tackles SEB’s relationship with mental health like never before. As SEB brings us into his dark past, “Coney Island” reminds us that everyone is dealing with something–even if they deny it. With a recurring motif of pink bunny ears taken from the 1997 cult film Gummo, the “Coney Island” visual offers relaxing views of the sunny Santa Monica beach, which is juxtaposed by SEB’s eerie lyricism.

On “Coney Island,” SEB revealed,

“I used ‘Coney Island’ as a way to disguise some of my darkest truths. Sonically it gives off a summery nostalgic sound, but that’s used to mask my lyrics where I’m exploring my mental health struggles and everything that comes with that.” 

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Laica Delivers Precious Pop-Infused R&B in “love u lately”

Photo Credit: Maya Chisem (@mayachizam)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 6, 2021

Born in Abu Dhabi and raised in the Philippines, Laica is the latest newcomer dominating our airwaves. Although Laica only has one EP under her belt, the 21-year-old has certainly honed her precious pop-infused R&B soundscape. Ahead of her highly anticipated debut album, i’m so fine at being lonely, Laica is treating us to her luscious songwriting in her hypnotic new single, “love u lately.”

As Laica maneuvers her way through the hectic dating scene in Los Angeles, “love u lately” has the Gen Zer desperate to know how the other person feels. It’d be remiss to not mention Laica’s gorgeously soothing vocals, but it’s also important to note the radio-ready production on this stellar cut. To top it off, the accompanying visual has Laica using witchcraft and advanced technology to make someone fall in love with her, which is probably something we’ve all considered at some point.

On “love u lately,” Laica shared,

“‘love u lately’ is basically about the dating game and trying to figure out how the other person is feeling/thinking but getting mixed feelings so you do the same ‘cause you reciprocate whatever energy or vibes they give you.”

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Unusual Demont Sulks in Bittersweetness with “Purple”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // April 6, 2021

After one listen, you’ll be shocked to discover that Unusual Demont only has a handful of singles to his name. Having grown up surrounded by conservative minds, Unusual Demont considered himself a “weirdo” who needed to explore cultural and musical nooks outside the norm. Now that he’s dabbled in a plethora of scenes, Unusual Demont is delivering astounding R&B with his sultry new single, “Purple.”

On “Purple,” Unusual Demont shared,

“‘Purple’ got its name due to me listening to ‘The Beautiful Ones’ by Prince a loooot during the time I made it. The producer – Elijah Cruz – was actually a friend of a friend and had no idea what kind of style I was into or looking for at the time so them sending *that* beat while I was on a Prince kick was damn near divine timing.”

If you’ve never been treated to the otherworldly stylings of Unusual Demont, “Purple” will surely blow your mind. Written about being in a relationship you know will come to a screeching halt, “Purple” has Unusual Demont sulking in the bittersweetness of this unwanted situation. With a ringing tone sample thrown into the mix, “Purple” introduces us to more alternative sonics Unusual Demont has hidden up his sleeve. 

“The song itself is about being with someone and knowing they’re only sticking around to avoid hurting you. It’s a bittersweet experience cause even though it hurts, you still have them around. But in the same way, letting them go is just as bittersweet. I’m excited to put out ‘Purple’ because it holds a lot of the more alternative elements I hope to present as an artist from this point forward.”

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