Martina Gryntysz Puts Argentina on the Map with “Fake Friend Anthem”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 4, 2022

Martina Gryntysz is one of Argentina’s hidden gems, but for no longer. An 18-year-old independent artist from Buenos Aires, Gryntysz had a life-changing epiphany at a Madonna concert during which she manifested a future music career. Fast forward to present day and Gryntysz is a gifted songwriter who just unveiled her stellar new single, “Fake Friend Anthem.”

On “Fake Friend Anthem,” Martina Gryntysz shared, 

“‘Fake Friend Anthem’ is a song about a lot of fake friends that I’ve had during my life. Realizing that I had a friendship that they hate me and they were only using me, really hurt me and affected me all my childhood and teenage life. I was really sad about it and I just came up with this song that shows that I’m super angry but frustrated at the same time about all those friendships.”

Although Gryntysz’s native tongue is Spanish, the larger-than-life newcomer crafts alternative pop bangers in English. With chantable lyricism and moody guitars, “Fake Friend Anthem” impeccably showcases just how incredible Gryntysz is. Finally ready to speak her mind, Gryntysz uses “Fake Friend Anthem” as a vessel for her frustrations and woes, and so can you.

“If I had to say one word for the meaning of this song, I would say catharsis! This song means a lot to me because I know that a lot of people are suffering in friendships like that so I wanted to make a song for those people to scream this song and know that they are not the only ones. But for me, this is a closed era of suffering. I feel like I’m in my ‘reputation era,’ like Taylor Swift, because I never speak about this to a lot of people and I’ve always been a shy person, so it was surprising for many people.”

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