Grace Gachot Modernizes a Classic Fairytale with “Beast & His Beauties”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 28, 2022

Having lived in Spain and London, Grace Gachot has spent plenty of time soaking in the world’s offerings. The bilingual 21-year-old knows exactly how to captivate listeners through memorable lyricism and pulsating beats, so it’s safe to say we’re hooked. To test our theory, you’re more than welcome to experience Gachot’s darling new single, “Beast & His Beauties.”

Inspired by the classic fairytale, “Beast & His Beauties” explores unfaithfulness and dating woes of the 21st century. As Gachot’s gleaming vocals shimmer in “Beast & His Beauties,” they’re complemented by lullaby-like instrumentation that definitely reminds us of our childhood. Whether you consider yourself a modern day Belle or not, Gachot’s ingenious juxtaposition of a girl madly in love and a boy who can’t keep his hands to himself will win you over.

On “Beast & His Beauties,” Grace Gachot reflected,

“‘Beast & His Beauties’ is about a girl who longs for a fairytale but feels trapped in a modern world where that fails to exist. It’s a detailed narration from an outside perspective on a love that was so powerful that it blinded her. Consumed by the dreams and the magic in her mind, she was unable to see the situation for how it was.  Despite the negative twist, her own personal journey remains to be beautiful. Sometimes, a love like that can be a journey within yourself, and the other person was just a subject in your story.”

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