Frankie Beetlestone Is a British Indie “Popstar” in the Making

Photo Credit: Guy Gooch (@guygooch)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 28, 2022

Frankie Beetlestone may only be 21 years old, but he’s undoubtedly a popstar-in-the-making. Born in Sheffield, the self-producing talent has already sold out headline shows and performed at several festivals. With brilliantly catchy bedroom pop under his sleeve, Beetlestone has unleashed his immaculate new single, “Popstar.”

Although this track began as a way for Beetlestone to vent about his aspirations, “Popstar” transformed into an indie pop bop that’ll easily become a fan favorite. With “Popstar” acknowledging that plenty of people nowadays are solely chasing fame, Beetlestone sprinkles in bubbly sonics and bouncy production to lighten the message. For anyone who’s striving to be the Internet’s next big thing, Beetlestone will motivate you with his undeniable charm in “Popstar.”

On “Popstar,” Frankie Beetlestone explained,

“‘Popstar’ is basically just a song about how everyone wants to be famous these days. I kind of liked the idea of a bunch of people dancing and acting fit to a song that was taking the piss out of them. It probably started out as more of an angry song about the state of things (because I’m a bit of an old soul, really), but now I just think it’s funny. It’s also a bit of a joke about myself releasing music. I imagine an old bloke in a pub saying, ‘He wants to be a singer? Well, that’s just ridiculous.’” 

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