Harvey Jay Dodgson Unleashes His Wild Side with “Tell Me”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 18, 2022

Considering how early into childhood he started to show an interest in music, it’s not hard to believe that Harvey Jay Dodgson’s music is adored by thousands of people around the world. Heavily inspired by jazz artists, the 20-year-old charmer is no stranger to experimentation when it comes to perfecting his genre-bending discography. Ready to unleash his wild side, Dodgson has made his return with an exhilarating new single, “Tell Me.”

On “Tell Me,” Harvey Jay Dodgson shared,

“Driven bass and breakbeat drums set the scene for a swooping lead guitar line and you’re already in the heat of the moment, middle of a crowded space, feet matching the energy of the music, eyes set on one thing. At that precise point in time, it’s what you desire the most. Let your body be absorbed in a northern soul disco of percussion, gospel backing vocals and catchy lyrics as my latest track urges you to put on your dancing shoes and tell whoever it is to join you in the heart of the dance floor. Tell me, tell me, tell me … do you want this feeling?”

Illuminating Dodgson’s darker vision of instrumentation, “Tell Me” is groovy, moody, and contagious. Between the punchy percussion and soaring guitars, “Tell Me” evokes an overwhelming energy that’s simply untamable. All in all, don’t blame us if you find yourself entering yet another rebellious era after one listen to this Dodgson banger.

“‘Tell Me’ is a song to let loose to. My aim was to encapsulate my almost compulsory need to dance or move whenever I’m listening to upbeat music. I wanted to place the listener into a specific moment in time when I felt this feeling come over me. A shared experience.”

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