Love Goes Deep for New Friends in “Waste My Time”

Photo Credit: Steph Montani (@bystephm)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 17, 2022

A Canadian quartet ready to dominate the indie pop atmosphere, New Friends is destined for greatness. With an infectious energy we can’t get enough of, these fun-loving fellas create memorable choruses and catchy hooks like no one else. Ahead of their forthcoming EP, New Friends has unleashed their brilliant new single, “Waste My Time.”

Revolving around a brutally toxic relationship, “Waste My Time” unexpectedly sounds liberating and refreshing. Layered with bouncy rhythms and inescapable acoustics, “Waste My Time” proves that New Friends can turn virtually any topic into an earwormy track. If you’ve found yourself stuck in a vicious cycle of undeserving partners, New Friends will push you toward a new way of life with “Waste My Time.”

On “Waste My Time,” New Friends explained,

“Whether true or false, you will sit there and truly value the other person’s opinion more than your own because that is how deep love can go.”

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