Loren Aronov Is the Coolest “Uncool” Pop Newcomer

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 17, 2022

Growing up in Toronto, Loren Aronov is one of the most reflective 14-year-olds we’ve stumbled upon yet. Fully living her truth as an aspiring singer-songwriter, Aronov is determined to hear her music across airwaves worldwide. Ready to introduce her unapologetic self to the world, Aronov will charm you with her refreshing new single, “Uncool.”

On “Uncool,” Loren Aronov shared,

“My new single, ‘Uncool,’ was inspired by being the odd one out – especially among my peers at school. It all stems from the time I felt different from everyone else, lonely, and even unwanted.”

Comparing her social life to a stuffed animal collection, Aronov embraces her introverted tendencies in “Uncool.” Drenched in whimsical instrumentals and charismatic vocals, “Uncool” tells the story of a girl who has learned to see the best in the worst, which is something we could all benefit from. By the end of this lovely track, we’re convinced that Aronov just may be the coolest musician teenager we’ve shared all year.

“I’ve grown to love myself the way I am, and to use personal obstacles to inspire my music, rather than attempt to ignore or escape them. With a mission to make ‘Uncool’ the new cool, I hope my listeners can accept themselves the way they are too.”

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