Zach Hood’s “when she was mine” Revolves Around Broken Promises

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 30, 2022

Zach Hood is the type of go-getter that’ll make things happen for himself instead of waiting for things to unfold. The Alabama native has already connected with millions of listeners around the world, but the 20-year-old certainly doesn’t let that get to his head as he continues to pen music that’s relatable and authentic. Slowly becoming the voice of Gen Z, Hood has dropped a fantastic new single, “when she was mine.”

On “when she was mine,” Zach Hood shared,

“‘when she was mine’ is about one of those relationships that seemed to be going so well; you made promises and envisioned having your simple dream life with your partner. But the relationship ended up going nowhere because of distance – and because life had other plans.”

If you’ve ever devoted yourself to someone who isn’t in your life anymore, “when she was mine” was written for you. Singing with overwhelming passion, Hood definitely resonates with the heartbreaking lyrics about what it’s like to still have someone on his mind after all this time. With minimal production, “when she was mine” really is all about the story of a girl and boy who were ready to take on the world together. 

“Although you still care for this person, and you remember what you promised to each other, there’s nothing you can do about it because they’ve moved on. The things you promised each other… they now have with someone [else]. It’s now far too late to have that simple dream life you once envisioned.”

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