Jonah Kagen’s “hill that i’ll die on” Will Shatter Your Heart

Photo Credit: Lauren Wade (@wadergirl)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 30, 2022

Having grown up in Savannah, Georgia, Jonah Kagen radiates a humbling authenticity you wouldn’t find just anywhere. After a push from his sister, Kagen started sharing his music on social media, and nothing has been the same for the 22-year-old ever since. Back with another moving cut, Kagen will win you over with his emotive new single, “hill that i’ll die on.”

On “hill that i’ll die on,” Jonah Kagen shared,

“‘hill that i’ll die on’ is such a special song to me. It speaks to the sentiment of knowing that you’ll love someone and be there for them even at their lowest point, and that there’s nothing in the world that would ever make you question that.”

A gorgeously acoustic ballad that’ll break your heart into a million pieces, “hill that i’ll die on” undoubtedly showcases Kagen’s dynamic vocals. Between the soulful strumming, we hear Kagen reflect on what it’s like to feel so strongly about someone you’d never be able to forget. Needless to say, “hill that i’ll die on” makes us think of our loved ones we can’t imagine living life without.

“I was lucky enough to get to bring the song to life with my two incredible roommates (Sarcastic Sounds and Hayd), and it feels good to finally have all three of our names on something. Aside from that, I think this song marks an important direction for the sound and style of my music moving forward, and I can’t wait to share more stories with you all. Sending love!”

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