emie nathan Calls Out Sexism in the Music Industry with “better”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 29, 2022

Born in New York and raised in London, emie nathan grew up surrounded by music. Finding inspiration in practically every aspect of life, nathan is an extremely gifted songwriter who connects with listeners through touching lyricism. Although she only just made her stunning debut last year, nathan continues to dominate the spotlight with her important new single, “better.”

On “better,” emie nathan explained,

“One of the main inspirations behind the song was a weird interaction I had with a new topliner who clearly hadn’t done his research and commented on how I must write a lot of love songs. No, I have never released a love song in my life and honestly, I don’t plan to for a while. As if the first thing I would want to write about is love and heartbreak because I am a woman, a female pop act. There’s much more to being a woman in pop than we are ever given credit for.”  

After a seemingly never ending string of unpleasant experiences, nathan took it upon herself to single out the sexism she’s endured as a musician. Whether it’s the slowed kick drum or ethereal synths, “better” has nathan crooning about an extremely heated topic in such a calm and collected manner, and we applaud her for that. By the end of the empowering track, nathan is begging people to acknowledge and correct sexism so we can finally change the world. 

“Or the time I was in a session and I had my words replaced by a guy who said his perspective made more sense on a topic that had nothing to do with him. I literally had words put in my mouth & wasn’t confident enough at age 22 to push back at a 30-something-year-old guy and a 40-something-year-old male producer. When I do write and release a love song, it will be because that is how I truly feel and how I want to express and share those feelings, which should be celebrated instead of pigeonholed.”

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