Vacant Weekend is Caught in the Crossfire of Messy Romances in “Cool New Friends”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 22, 2022

Music really does bond people together, and the three fellas of Vacant Weekend can boldly attest to that. Joining forces in 2019 after years of performing with other bands, Vacant Weekend set off on a mission to create music that speaks to society’s outsiders. Without tying themselves down to one genre, Vacant Weekend is here to shake things up with their fantastic new single, “Cool New Friends.”

With groovy guitar licks that remind us of funkier days, “Cool New Friends” is meant to get your body moving in ways you never knew were possible. Tossing us into the messiness of romances, “Cool New Friends” simply puts into words everything we’ve felt about mixed messages. Instrumentally, this hypnotic track is drenched in every fabulous guitar riff and percussion number we could ever want from Vacant Weekend.

On “Cool New Friends,” Vacant Weekend explained,

“‘Cool New Friends’ is a thoughtful second release that deeper explores the sound from ‘All Over.’ The track consists of tight grooves, thick layers of funky guitar, melodic bass parts and a bright, emotive vocal. The song deals with themes of romantic confusion and addresses a character who almost perfectly contradicts the song’s title.”

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