Sam MacPherson Drags Out the Inevitable with “Backseat (All I Got)”

Photo Credit: Maxwell Goldberg (@maxwell_goldberg)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 20, 2022

Sam MacPherson has been, and forever will be, one of our favorite discoveries of all time. Penning music by reliving his most emotional memories, the New Jersey charmer evokes a rawness you can’t fake. With a busy season of touring approaching, MacPherson still took it upon himself to treat us to a mesmerizing new single, “Beatseat (All I Got).”

With a hushed guitar loop layered atop gorgeously delicate keys, “Backseat (All I Got)” is a stunning offering that showcases MacPherson’s charismatic vocals perfectly. Pondering about how hopeless some relationships become, MacPherson truly does strip himself to his very core with this humbling cut. The remarkable pain we feel by the end of “Backseat (All I Got)” is almost indescribable because we realize just how accurate MacPherson is.

On “Backseat (All I Got),” Sam MacPherson shared,

“‘Backseat (All I Got)’ is about a relationship that’s so hopeless it gives you the confidence to keep delaying calling it off. The idea is, ‘If we know this is going to end, it wouldn’t hurt to drag it out a little longer and enjoy what we can salvage.’ It will inevitably end, but I’m bringing it up before it does. Nobody addresses this when you’re just hooking up. It’s all lust when you should be talking about what it means.”

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