Lyle Kam Learns to Let Go with “what if i had told you”

Photo Credit: Amanda Kuo (@amandaskuoo)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 20, 2022

Unknowingly building a platform for the Asian community in the music industry, Lyle Kam is the rising musical mastermind that’s shaking things up. It’s practically second nature for the Toronto charmer to pen moving ballads that pull at our heartstrings, and we can’t get enough. Back with another melancholy cut, Kam has unveiled his pensive new single, “what if i had told you.”

From Kam’s raspy vocals to the impeccable piano arrangement, “what if i had told you” is a mesmerizing offering that’ll land him a spot on your radar if he isn’t already on there. Whether you’re holding onto someone or something that isn’t worth your time and energy, Kam’s message is loud and clear. Above everything, Kam’s latest track is a reminder that not everything is meant to last forever. 

On “what if i had told you,” Lyle Kam shared,

“This song really taught me to go after and fight for the things you want before it’s too late. You can’t guarantee that someone who has always been in your life will always be in your life. It’s a general life lesson that life is too short to always be questioning yourself.”

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