Bryce Drew Sets Healthy Boundaries in “Still Recovering”

Photo Credit: Jonathan Zaoui (@jonathanzaoui)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 8, 2022

Bryce Drew is, without a doubt, our favorite Trinidadian-American songstress who does all the right things to keep us exactly where she wants us. Not only does Drew have a stunning voice, but she’s also got the heart and soul of an angel. As her first release in two years, Drew spills her heart on the page with her intimate new single, “Still Recovering.”

Co-written by Greg Wells, “Still Recovering” hears Drew pushing through adversity one verse at a time. Layered with pulsating synths and gorgeously raw vocals, this emotive ballad cements just how captivating Drew’s discography is. More than anything, the 26-year-old uses “Still Recovering” as a way to reassure us that boundaries are healthy and necessary.

On “Still Recovering,” Bryce Drew explained,

“It’s about the boundaries of compassion and the emotional tradeoff of being a sensitive soul. For me, it’s a reminder that it’s okay to set boundaries for yourself, and that the message of self love I expressed in ‘Love Life’ has its harder moments too, especially over the last few years when the whole world is overwhelmed.” 

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