Sydney Rose Dedicates “Bedroom Floor” to Her Bestie

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 31, 2022

For more reasons than we can count, Sydney Rose is an 18-year-old destined for success in the music industry. Not only does Rose evoke an intimacy you can’t find anywhere else, but she also pens lyrics that’ll have you grabbing tissues in no time. As she continues to discover herself as an artist, Rose has bestowed upon us a vulnerable new single, “Bedroom Floor.”

Although Rose wrote this emotional ballad about her best friend moving to college, “Bedroom Floor” can be applied to any situation in which it seems like the distance between you and someone keeps expanding. Whether it be the delicate piano arrangement or Rose’s touching vocals, “Bedroom Floor” leaves us in shambles. To top it off, the accompanying visual offers a video montage of Rose and her bestie, Caroline, sharing the absolute best memories together.

On “Bedroom Floor,” Sydney Rose reflected,

“‘Bedroom Floor’ is about my best friend. I wrote the song before my senior year of high school because I knew that I wasn’t going to college and she was. I wanted to lay out my thoughts and fears about the next chapter in our lives and encapsulate that feeling in this song.”

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