morgen Navigates Breakups with Playful Indie Pop in “Hammock”

Photo Credit: Genevieve Andrews (@genevieveandrewss)

By. Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 25, 2022

It’s no secret that we absolutely adore morgen, and we’ll keep promoting her music until the entire world knows her name. The 18-year-old recently moved to Los Angeles, which marked a massive step for not only her as a young adult, but also as a hustling musician. Back with more indie pop righteousness, morgen is pleased to present her fun-loving new single, “Hammock.”

Featuring morgen’s signature playful vocals, “Hammock” is filled with dazzling electronics and jaunty percussion. Although “Hammock” is about morgen’s cluelessness when it comes to breakups, we find ourselves dancing along as she navigates the perplexing path of becoming single once again. Needless to say, morgen’s ability to craft memorable indie pop is here to stay.

On “Hammock,” morgen offered, 

“Welcome to the story of a kid who has no idea how to break up with somebody.”

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