Komodos Exposes Social Media-Obsessed New Yorkers with “Narcisse”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 25, 2022

Komodos is looking to take over the rock ‘n’ roll scene beyond Brooklyn, so it’s about time you familiarize yourself with their unstoppable energy. Consisting of Gabriel Altopp, Hunter Boivin, Ben Baumann, Kabir Dugal, and Taran Dugal, Komodos is the type of rock band we wish we could be a part of. If you’re in the mood for some incredible sonics, Komodos is here to serve up a delectable plate with their fantastic new single, “Narcisse.”

On “Narcisse,” Komodos shared,

“‘Narcisse’ is a sucker punch, a freight train about to derail. Its unyielding cadence reflects the urgency of its lyrical intentions. The track is an explicit rejection of an increasingly numerous breed of New Yorker, those who smile for the camera and project a vacant leer to the rest of the world, who set root in multicultural havens and proceed to drain them of authenticity and character, who curate their lives for digital validation and rarely stop to look beyond the confines of their phone.”

Layered with electrifying guitars and heavy percussion, “Narcisse” takes us back to the days of makeshift garage shows with belligerent friends. Written about the cliché New York persona we’ve all come to know, “Narcisse” exposes those who are afraid of living outside of the digital atmosphere. By the end of this explosive track, we’re itching to hear what else Komodos has in store for us. 

“From the track’s onset, unyielding drums and a razor-like bass induce an instinctual head bop. Insouciant vocal flairs teeter into an indomitable chorus composed of soaring lead guitar and gnashing chords, ultimately resolved by a high-voltage outro of meticulously controlled chaos.”

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