Alex Siegel’s “Charlie” Is Dedicated to His Childhood Pup

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 22, 2022

Based on the west coast, Alex Siegel is the ultimate artist to remind us of just how precious bedroom pop is. Having garnered plenty of traction through the undergrounds of YouTube and Soundcloud, it’s no surprise that Siegel now finds himself on countless playlists worldwide. Marking his first release in almost a year, Siegel has unveiled his lovely new single, “Charlie.”

Drenched in whimsical instrumentals and captivating crooning, “Charlie” is absolute perfection. Although “Charlie” was largely inspired by the passing of Siegel’s childhood pup, this otherworldly cut makes us think of everyone who is no longer in our lives. By the end of “Charlie,” we’re convinced that Siegel is well worth adding to your radar.

On “Charlie,” Alex Siegel reflected,

“This magic doggo was my best friend through many awkward teen years and used to follow me around everywhere and hang out by my feet while I was working on music back at my parents’ house. I wrote ‘Charlie’ after he died a couple years ago, to always remember our friendship and bond. Not long after he passed we also lost my grandma, and the song took on a whole other dimension.”

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