SOFY Puts Online Dating on Blast with “Big Talk”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 19, 2022

Very early into her career, SOFY heard her demos playing live on UK radio, which goes to show just how much potential the music world sees in her. The Leicester-raised talent radiates a girl-next-door charm with heart-on-sleeve lyricism that never gets old. Amidst a string of festival appearances, SOFY is pleased to deliver her precious new single, “Big Talk.” 

If you’ve never been a fan of Brit-pop, SOFY will convince you otherwise with whimsical instrumentals and charismatic vocals in “Big Talk.” Revolving around the exhausting process of online dating, “Big Talk” encourages people to get to know each other beyond the small talk. Considering how many festival goers have already been chanting the lyrics back to SOFY during her vivacious sets, “Big Talk” is bound to be a fan favorite in no time.

On “Big Talk,” SOFY explained,

“‘Big Talk’ was inspired by my time in the wilderness of dating apps, trying to find meaningful connection but getting bummed out by small talk that never goes anywhere. I think we all need a bit more ‘Big Talk’ in our lives.”

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