Maddy Davis’ “Sally! I Met A Boy” Is for the Chronically Heartbroken

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 18, 202

Growing up in New Jersey, Maddy Davis would always host makeshift concerts in her mom’s basement, so it only makes sense that the Los Angeles-based talent now finds herself crafting stellar indie pop rock. Although Davis only has a few releases to her name, we can’t deny her potential to make waves in the industry as she’s all about making the most of her experiences. To introduce you to her radiating authenticity, Davis is pleased to present her edgy new single, “Sally! I Met A Boy.”

On “Sally! I Met A Boy,” Maddy Davis shared,

“When I wrote ‘Sally! I Met A Boy,’ I was notorious for falling too quickly and falling for the wrong people, but I really wanted [my older sister Sally] to be able to trust me this time. I was always calling her from LA, saying, ‘No, it’s for real this time,’ then I would get ghosted or the person was a complete sh*t, so of course she was going to be skeptical.” 

Equal parts grunge and indie rock, “Sally! I Met A Boy” is drenched in distorted guitars and throbbing percussion. Lyrically, this lovelorn anthem narrates the classic tale of a woman falling in love with people who turn out to be less than what she deserves. If you’ve ever desperately wanted someone to trust you and your judgment, “Sally! I Met A Boy” will make you feel understood like never before.

“I really wanted emphasis on imperfection in this song, because that’s what this song is about. It’s about being imperfect and never actually knowing what’s best for yourself, and having to admit that to someone close to you.”

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