Beach Weather Returns with Infectious Alternative Pop Rock in “Unlovable”

Photo Credit: Kirsten Barnett (@wavykirt)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 15, 2022

We discovered Beach Weather when they released their astounding debut single in 2016, but the three-piece band has been on a hiatus until now. Comprised of Nick Santino, Reeve Powers, and Sean Silverman, Beach Weather has mastered the art of crafting fiercely alternative pop rock bangers. Making their valiant return to music, Beach Weather is back with a highly anticipated new single, “Unlovable.”

With fuzzy distortions and anthemic choruses, “Unlovable” delivers Beach Weather’s star quality we’ve been missing for years. Although “Unlovable” may be a self-deprecating track, we can’t help but acknowledge that Beach Weather is doing all the right things with punchy percussion and uplifting keys. Needless to say, we’re more than pleased by Beach Weather’s long awaited return with such an infectious radio-ready hit. 

On “Unlovable,” Beach Weather shared,

“‘Unlovable’ is vulnerable, insecure, and self-deprecating… and that’s what makes it so lovable. We had been building all of these ideas in our heads of what we thought we needed to be and whether we could be satisfied with who we actually were. I think in a way it’s about questioning your own value. Wondering if you’ll ever truly be enough and never completely meeting expectations. At the same time being satisfied knowing that it’s human to feel that way.”

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