Hunter Moreau’s Optimism Is Infectious in “Be Alright”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 12, 2022

Hunter Moreau may have started off as a preteen in a community service singing troupe, but now she’s become one of Massachusetts most recognizable indie pop darlings to date. Unafraid of being unapologetically herself, Moreau exhibits a major older sister wisdom, and we’re here for it. To continue her mission of reaching as many people as possible through music, Moreau has unveiled her infectiously positive new single, “Be Alright.”

On “Be Alright,” Hunter Moreau reflected,

“I wrote this song above all else as a reminder. Like a reminder that pops up on your phone, letting you know you still have things left on your to-do list.  Except this reminder is to let you know that no matter how overwhelming and exhausting the whirlpool of life may seem, it’s going to be alright.”

Opening with moody guitars, “Be Alright” showcases Moreau’s top notch vocals amidst whirling electronics. While the anthemic choruses are definitely catchy, we’re more impressed by Moreau’s purely optimistic lyrics. More than anything, we hope “Be Alright” will give anyone in need a boost of serotonin exactly that. 

“The day we wrote the song, we were exchanging pleasantries and they asked me how I was doing. I responded along the lines of, ‘Honestly, like really good.’ I felt at that moment in time that I was at peace. That even if I didn’t have all the answers to everything, even if I was making 100 mistakes, that it was all going to work out. I remember taking the Uber ride to the studio that day and staring out the window at the hilly landscape of Los Angeles, which felt so mesmerizing to me. I thought to myself that I truly felt totally and completely okay, and that whenever I didn’t feel like that, I should remind myself of the feeling I had at that moment. Like that reminder that pops up on your phone.”

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