Charles on TV Taps into His Neo-Soul Side with “Another Reason Why”

Photo Credit: Charlie Szur (@caffeine_cowboy)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 12, 2022

A true New Yorker at heart, Charles on TV fuses together the street sounds of synth-soul, pop, and new wave jazz. What we admire most about this gifted 25-year-old is that he possesses an innate ability to transport us to the golden ages of music. To introduce you to his eclectic sonics, Charles on TV is pleased to present his playful new single, “Another Reason Why.”

Largely inspired by overheard conversations and social media tidbits, “Another Reason Why” explores the concept of uncertainty and an overthinking mind. “Another Reason Why” is decorated with whimsical keys and wholesome backing vocals that make us wish this song never comes to an end. As we’re met with an inevitable decrescendo, we’re more than ready to explore the rest of Charles on TV’s discography.

On “Another Reason Why,” Charles on TV explained,

“I keep this contextual backdrop in mind when I make music, even if I don’t always allude to ugly systems and scary prospects explicitly. It’s a strange balance between wanting to make art that can serve as an escape or sanctuary and wanting to tell the hard truth. I’m still figuring out that balance.“

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