HOAX Highlights the Parallels of Our Everyday Lives in “Drew”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 9, 2022

HOAX is the indie-pop rock band that needs no introduction on our blog. They’re exactly what you get when you combine the musical superiority of Michael Raj and Frantz Cesar. Staying true to their theme of the human condition, HOAX has unveiled yet another mesmerizing new single, “Drew.”

On “Drew,” HOAX shared,

“The longer I permeate through existence, the more I am sure that humans undoubtedly have this desire to be considered different, but then also bear this curse to feel accepted. To belong. At any given time, you might feel one or the other, or neither at all. And in many extreme cases, you might not feel either for a very long time.”

For the existential souls out there, “Drew” will make you feel understood as HOAX discusses the parallels of our everyday lives. And for those of you who don’t quite grasp this experiential concept, we invite you to at least bask in the Houston-based duo’s inescapable sonics. As HOAX counts down the days until the release of their highly anticipated debut album, b?, we’ll be keeping “Drew” on repeat in preparation.

“I can’t refute that humans are tribal by nature; that we seek identity in the validation of others or indirectly in the mastery of a craft. And when you feel like both are unattainable, you live in nothing short of hell. As much as I hate to admit it, there seems to be two types of people. Firstly, people who, when they are in that hell, can still see light on the edge of a horizon. Meanwhile, the other lot of us are a bunch so hurt and broken that we will only make it through by the aid of those who actually see the hope on the horizon. Our better halves which, for reasons unknown, are not angels but still bestowed to us by the same divine grace, that could make a skeptic smile. There are some people so much stronger than I who never waiver in the faith that ‘all is meant to be, will happen’ or that ‘things happen for a reason.’ They truly believe it, and like a flashlight in the dark, they try to light the way.”

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