Jayde Gets Stuck in a Never Ending Cycle with “nevermind”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 8, 2022

Coming in hot from Toronto is the songstress we could never get enough of: Jayde. Since she grew up surrounded by music, it’s no surprise that Jayde now finds herself pursuing a music career. Straying from her previous melancholy bops, Jayde returns with a playful new single, “nevermind.”

On “nevermind,” Jayde explained,

“It’s me questioning my priorities and what I wanted at this moment in life. I was fighting the urge to meet and be with new people while also in the most stable, healthy relationship ever. The song is admittedly super selfish in the sense that was feeling these ways but still not wanting to be the one to make the call and take the blame. Sometimes we want someone else to mess it up so we have a real reason to leave as opposed to just wanting to be single and be dumb.”

What’s always amazed us about Jayde is her ability to transfer her exact thoughts and emotions into the most touching lyricism. Written about an inner battle most of us have faced at some point, “nevermind” has Jayde stuck in a never ending pattern of life decisions. Between the whimsical instrumentals and slick beats, “nevermind” is exactly what we wanted as Jayde’s first release of the year.

“I was at a very stagnant place in my life. I felt like I was very stuck in this one place–both emotionally and physically–and I remember wanting to ensue chaos in my own life, but the little angel on my shoulder would often say, ‘No, you don’t actually want that, I promise…’ And from there, I felt like I was just in this constant battle with where I was and what I could do to get out of the monotonous cycle I felt trapped in.”

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