Charlie Houston Is Afraid of Falling In Love with “Dinosaurs In The Garden”

Photo Credit: Zachary Hertzman (@zacharyhertzman)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 2, 2022

There are two things we can’t deny about Charlie Houston: she’s insanely talented, and she’s never afraid to let her thoughts out of her head. A 22-year-old just trying to roll with the punches, Houston is absolutely making 2022 her year. Straying away from her usual R&B-infused pop, Houston leans into a slightly grunge-pop sonic with her fantastic new single, “Dinosaurs In The Garden.”

Most of us have been terrified of falling in love, but Houston knows just as well as we do that it’s bound to happen at some point. Revolving around the paranoia that comes with a relationship, “Dinosaurs In The Garden,” Houston perfectly captures what it’s like when an overthinking mind gets in the way of what could be everlasting. Layered with bold bass lines and utterly soothing vocals, “Dinosaurs In The Garden” gets us even more pumped for what else Houston has in store for us.

On “Dinosaurs In The Garden,” Charlie Houston offered,

“‘Dinosaurs In The Garden’ is about the fear of getting your heart broken while in a relationship. While you have no reason to suspect it’s going to happen, there is always looming anxiety about the fact that you’ve allowed yourself to fall for someone and now can’t control whether it works out or not.”

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