Cathy Jain Is Perplexed by Her Crush in “gaslight”

Photo Credit: Brennan Bucannan (@brenmop)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 2, 2022

Although it’s already been an entire year, it seems like just yesterday we covered Cathy Jain’s debut single. A Chinese-British songstress ready to take over our airwaves, Jain radiates a celestial energy we can’t quite put our finger on. To share a taste of her auditory bliss with you, Jain is pleased to unveil her vibey new single, “gaslight.”

As Jain continues to evolve her ever changing sound, “gaslight” treats us to wavy synths that pair perfectly with otherworldly vocals. If you’ve ever had a crush on someone, you’d definitely resonate with Jain’s perplexed state in “gaslight.” More than anything, “gaslight” cements Jain as one of our favorite artists of the year so far.

On “gaslight,” Cathy Jain shared,

“It’s a fun song with a bit of a satirical edge. It’s about crushing on someone and then acting extremely weird in the whole situation, although in the song it’s unclear who the one with the crush is (that’s for the listener to decide!). I wanted to write about a crush in a way that’s confused, disorientated, but fun – because that’s usually how it seems to go.”

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