Sophia Alexa Becomes Unrecognizable in “The Way You See Me”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 29, 2022

Born in California but raised in Amsterdam, Sophia Alexa is the London-based newcomer who deserves to be recognized for her undeniable talent. Crediting Joni Mitchell and Neil Young as some of her musical influences, Alexa strips herself to her absolute core when she puts her thoughts on paper. Staying true to who she is, Alexa gets brutally honest in her tearjerking new single, “The Way You See Me.”

Written about an unrequited love for whom Alexa changes herself, “The Way You See Me” is utterly heartbreaking. Between the acoustic strumming and soothing vocals, “The Way You See Me” makes us forget just how melancholy this stunning track is. Needless to say, this song is for anyone who’s become unrecognizable after meeting someone new.

On “The Way You See Me,” Sophia Alexa shared, 

“I wrote a song about how I changed in a relationship. I became this version of myself I thought they wanted. But it wasn’t ever me.”

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