Florence Arman Reflects on Her Upbringing in “Stupid Heart”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 29, 2022

Having worked with the likes of Rhys Lewis and The Kooks, Florence Arman isn’t just some try-hard indie pop newcomer. Not only is she an incredibly kind person, Arman is also exceptionally gifted when it comes to penning original material. Adding to her already fantastic discography, Arman has unveiled her touching new single, “Stupid Heart.”

One of the most important things to know about Arman is that she naturally pours her heart and soul into every one of her songs, especially “Stupid Heart.” A piano-driven ballad that’ll leave you feeling bittersweet, “Stupid Heart” showcases Arman’s authenticity and vulnerability to a tee. For the first time ever, the Austria-based talent reveals a part of her life she’d always kept to herself in “Stupid Heart,” and we’re so glad she did.

On “Stupid Heart,” Florence Arman offered,

“‘Stupid Heart’ is the first song I wrote about family stuff. Being the youngest in my family I think I’ve inherited a bit of baggage, which is normal I think and totally fine, but then again I still want to be able to write very dramatic songs about it.”

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