Jesse Maxwell Gets Vibey and Seductive with “outspoken”

Photo Credit: Cassandra Popescu (@casssie_andra)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 22, 2022

A 26-year-old musical mastermind who calls Toronto home, Jesse Maxwell is on a mission to expand his horizons through sonic experimentation. Wavering between R&B, bedroom pop, and neo-soul, Maxwell’s sensibilities are an exact representation of who he is: someone who’s always looking to change things up. Ahead of his forthcoming album, LP2, Maxwell is treating us to a delectable new single, “outspoken.”

Partly seductive and partly vibey, “outspoken” is filled with godly synths and untouchable bass reverbs. Although Maxwell may have penned “outspoken” about a romantic separation that’s led to some bitterness, we can’t help but feel like this intricate cut will land his name on playlists around the world. After one listen, we can confidently say this is Maxwell’s best release yet. 

On “outspoken,” Jesse Maxwell shared,

“Since my last project, ‘Hellion,’ I feel I’ve grown in my production style and lyrics – speaking in a more interesting way, and making bolder production choices. I also feel like this album, ‘LP2,’ sounds more authentic to what I want to sound like as an artist. I’m less afraid to be ‘out there’ and lately it’s something I’ve been gravitating more towards.”

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