Isaac Stuart Relives His Perfect Night Out with “We Don’t Wanna Go Home”

Photo Credit: Jennifer McCord (@jrcmccord)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 22, 2022

Having made his stunning debut only a year and a half ago, Isaac Stuart has certainly reached the hearts of thousands around the world. A London-based talent, Stuart mends together the vintage sonics that surrounded him as a child and the modern pop sensibilities we hear on the radio. Adding to his repertoire of heartfelt ballads, Stuart is pleased to unveil his nostalgic new single, “We Don’t Wanna Go Home.”

Reflecting on the perfect night out with friends, Stuart practically relives these precious memories in “We Don’t Wanna Go Home.” With chant-worthy choruses and delicate pianos, “We Don’t Wanna Go Home” is a picture-perfect offering that’ll definitely put Stuart on the map. More than anything, this pensive track makes us wish we could turn back the clock to experience our wildest nights all over again.

On “We Don’t Wanna Go Home,” Isaac Stuart shared,

“‘We Don’t Wanna Go Home’ is all about going on a night out and wanting it to last forever. I wanted to write a song celebrating the euphoric energy I share when I’m out with my friends. To me, it’s a coming of age record about being young and feeling like the world is yours for the taking.”

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