Zoe Ko’s “Til U” Perfectly Captures the Heartbreak Cycle

Photo Credit: Meghan Marshall (@meghan.marshall)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 21, 2022

Currently an NYU student balancing the launch of a promising music career, Zoe Ko is the passionate 21-year-old who can do it all. With a charismatic personality and edgy style, Ko fully immerses herself into songwriting like no one else. As Ko continues to perfect her forthcoming debut project, she’s taking us along for the ride with her gut wrenching new single, “Til U.”

Drenched in alternative rock jangles and irresistible pop beats, “Til U” makes us fall in love with Ko’s limitless creativity all over again. Vowing that she no longer wants to experience love again, Ko wrote “Til U” from a place of honesty and heartbreak, which we can certainly all resonate with. For any of you who’ve felt betrayed or let down at any point of your life, “Til U” will make you feel understood as much as a song can.

On “Til U,” Zoe Ko explained,

“There is this point in heartbreak where the sum of all of your thoughts and emotions becomes so great that you simply can’t hold it all in, you try to maintain but you’re teetering on the edge of losing it all until eventually you do, and all you can do is word vomit every last shred of your bottled-up anger – that is exactly the moment, the culmination of feelings and brutally unhinged, all out release of emotions that I wanted to capture with ‘Til U’ – the whirlwind journey of what it’s like to wear your heart on your sleeve, get burned to the ground, then build up a wall to make sure you never get burned again!”

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