Everett Champion Says Goodbye to His Loved Ones in “IDK”

Photo Credit: Daniel Cukierski (@dc_media___)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 21, 2022

A 22-year-old hip hop mastermind in our book, Everett Champion isn’t afraid to deviate from the norm. The Ontario native has dubbed his musical style as “suburban hip hop,” and whatever he calls it, we’re definitely digging it. Always striving to bring a deeper meaning to his projects, Champion strikes gold with his wholesome new single, “IDK.”

On “IDK,” Everett Champion reflected,

“‘IDK’ is such a crazy song to me. The whole process began in 2020 when Kobe died. I wasn’t a huge basketball fan but it was crazy how just like that, someone was gone, without saying goodbye. It got me thinking, what if I die and never get to say goodbye or thank the people that are important to me? I wanted to make a song that would say everything I needed to say, in case I can’t.”

Layered with comforting acoustic guitars and rolling beats, “IDK” isn’t your typical hip hop track. Written as a preemptive farewell to Champion’s loved ones, “IDK” makes us think of the people in our lives who we’ve come to love and appreciate. By the end of this unique cut, we’re convinced that Champion is a name you’ll hear more of in the foreseeable future. 

“This song has taken so many forms in terms of length, content, even the name; it’s always been a fun work in progress that just felt right to make. The song took two and a half years to make, but what you hear is my polished message to my family and friends: love me when I’m here, and remember me when I’m gone one day.”

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