Thomas Day Begins the Healing Process with “not my job anymore”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 15, 2022

Getting his start in musical theater, Thomas Day decided at just nine years old that music would play a massive role in his future. Now 19 years old, the Tennessee native is making that prediction a reality as he connects with millions of listeners worldwide. If you have a box of tissues on hand, we invite you to sob along to Day’s heartbreaking new single, “not my job anymore.”

On “not my job anymore,” Thomas Day reflected,

“I had already been in LA for a week when I wrote ‘not my job anymore.’ It was really interesting because I was writing a song every day of the week expressing all of my emotions as specifically as possible. My friend called me on the morning of my last day in LA telling me about some trauma that was thrown upon my ex-girlfriend. As he was telling me all about the situation, I couldn’t help but think to myself how the only thing I truly wanted to do was to help her like I used to. After a short rant about how I was ‘over her,’ I got breakfast and headed over to Nick Ruth’s house where I was also meeting my friend Madi Yanofsky. The writing came naturally for all of us. I just poured my heart out talking about how I felt about the conversation that morning, and the song came together.”

Moving on from a meaningful relationship is one of the toughest challenges we’ll ever face, but “not my job anymore” reminds us that we’re never alone in this. As we sway along to the cinematic acoustics and Day’s vulnerable lyricism, “not my job anymore” makes us feel wildly emotional about letting go of people we care deeply about. If you have someone specific in mind while you listen to this intimate ballad, you’re more than welcome to send them a listening link for “not my job anymore” as a parting gift. 

“This song touches the parts of my heart that haven’t always felt safe in a long time, but I truly believe, now that the song is here, a part of me has healed in a way it never has before. I hope you heal. I hope you move on. And I hope this song makes you cry and accept your feelings with reassurance. I love all of you with everything I’m made of.”

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