Blake Speaks Up for Herself with “You Don’t Decide”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 14, 2022

Coming to you from New Zealand is Blake, the rising neo-soul songstress ready to enter your airwaves. Having spent the past five years in the UK, Blake has been fully immersing herself in the London music scene and learning from some of the country’s top producers. Finally drawing the line for how poorly she’s been treated, Blake is spilling her heart onto the page with her intimate new single, “You Don’t Decide.”

Written in the first year of the pandemic, Blake had plenty of time to perfectly encapsulate what she was feeling while penning “You Don’t Decide.” For such a sonically soothing track, it’s not surprising that Blake’s charming vocals take command with ease. By the end of “You Don’t Decide,” we hope Blake has reassured you that it’s okay to speak up for yourself.

On “You Don’t Decide,” Blake shared,

“‘You Don’t Decide’ deals with themes around consent and drawing a line in the sand in terms of treatment received from others, specifically those closest to you. It’s a song about realizing your self-worth and detoxifying your life from people who overstep your boundaries.”

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