Anna Shoemaker Brings People Together with “I’m Your Guy”

Photo Credit: Emma Drew Berson (@emmadrew)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 12, 2022

Hot off the heels of her debut album, Everything if Fine (I’m Only on Fire), Anna Shoemaker is returning to our radar with a spoonful of infectious alternative rock. With every lyric, the Brooklyn singer perfectly captures what it’s like to be going through life at this exact moment in time, and for that, we commend her. Without further ado, we invite you to admire Shoemaker’s mesmerizing songwriting in her passionate new single, “I’m Your Guy.”

Fed up with the United States’ lack of compassion, Shoemaker took to her pen and produced what will likely become an anthem for support groups nationwide. Vowing to do better in supporting those around her, Shoemaker truly makes us feel appreciated with “I’m Your Guy.” Layered with gritty guitars and steady percussion, “I’m Your Guy” evokes a sense of nostalgia through alternative rock tendencies that make for a fantastic song. 

On “I’m Your Guy,” Anna Shoemaker explained, 

“It’s been made clear over and over again that people in power in our country don’t really give a shit about us, so it’s really up to us to protect and be there for each other.” 

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