FELIVAND Spotlights Australia’s R&B Scene with “Big Little”

Photo Credit: James Caswell (@jaamescaswell)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 11, 2022

The Australian music scene has always been popping off, but FELIVAND is the Brisbane-based songstress taking it to new heights. Preparing for her forthcoming debut album, this 22-year-old has a remarkable way with words that’ll give you the chills after every listen. Now offering yet another flawless fusion of bedroom pop and alternative R&B, FELIVAND is pleased to present her stunning new single, “Big Little.”

Warmly dedicated to someone whose mental health hasn’t been the best lately, “Big Little” hears FELIVAND reassuring this person that she’ll be there for them until the very end. “Big Little” really does have it all: gorgeous vocals, ethereal instrumentation, and crisp production. By the end of this comforting track, we’re convinced that FELIVAND will be a household name in the coming years. 

On “Big Little,” FELIVAND shared,

“Someone I love was struggling with their mental health and I wrote this song to and for them. A reassurance to them that I will always stick around, until problems that feel huge one day feel small.”

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