Your Grandparents’ “Pootie Tang (G.T.K.Y)” Is a Mighty Juicy Treat

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 8, 2022

We’d be utterly shocked if you can’t get down to Your Grandparents because we think this Los Angeles trio is magnetizing beyond belief. Comprised of Jean Carter, DaCosta, and ghettoblasterman, Your Grandparents doesn’t stay in their lane when it comes to genres because they’ll pull influences from just about every type of music in existence. Fusing together funk, R&B, and soul this time around, Your Grandparents has unveiled what may be the grooviest single of the year: “Pootie Tang (G.T.K.Y).”

Within the first few seconds of “Pootie Tang (G.T.K.Y),” we already know we’re in for a mighty juicy treat. Even the irresistible guitar licks and nostalgic synths alone convince us that the charming fellas of Your Grandparents aren’t afraid to take things to the next level. To think that this orgasmic cut all began with a stick of gum is laughable because “Pootie Tang (G.T.K.Y)” will surely earn Your Grandparents global recognition. 

On “Pootie Tang (G.T.K.Y),” Your Grandparents shared,

“The inception of ‘Pootie Tang’ all started from a true story. Jean was walking to his car after taking some photos with the group when he saw a stick of gum placed on his car window above the door handle. It read, ‘I hope yo fine ass is single, cause I’m tryna get to know you’ … and the rest is history.”

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